Even Jesus had to Fake it!

Even Jesus had to Fake it!

Could you imagine walking around with the weight of the world on your shoulders? Or growing up knowing you held the fate of mankind in the palm of your hand? How about knowing that one day you would go from a carpenters son, to the savior of the entire earth? How would you feel?

This Soul Sunday we discussed Faking it Til You make it! Many people are doing all they can do just to get by! But is that the image we see?

There are some naysayers who would have you believe that putting your best foot forward is nothing more than a show! That making a great impression implies you’re a liar! Or that changing for the better means you no longer no best… But I’m here to tell you that even Jesus had to fake it sometimes!

Jesus felt forsaken, depressed downhearted. He got lonely and frustrated and was constantly in search a true friend. He experienced hurt, guilt, and loss all in the conquest of being accepted by the people he loved.

Still he pressed forward to the mark of the HIGHEST calling, because He knew the greatness that lie ahead! So he went on, moaning and groaning, but NEVER said a mumbling word! He continued on holding his head high, putting his BEST foot forward, and leaving his grace wherever He would go!

I believe if Jesus had a profile picture he would hashtag it, #LivinMyBESTLife! Because He was! He lived EVERY DAY knowing that one day very soon would be his very last! So yes, he may have let his emotions show from time to time; but He never let on that his worst days were still ahead! Instead he gave us ALL to everyone He would meet!

Take a lesson from my Savior, “Fake it Until you Make it!” Keep pushing, keep praying, keep loving, keep living, and keep BELIEVING until what you want becomes a reality!

Be Blessed Today and Always! 💕

-S. Latimore

Published by S. Davenport

My name is Sherraye Davenport, and I welcome you to my site Choose2Believe! I am a 34 year old full-time student and working mother of four. My beautiful girls-Margaret, 13; Gabrielle, 12 ;twins Maliah and Macariah, 9-bring me insurmountable joy. But after one long year of loss-job,divorce, eviction, repossession- I began to lose faith. My story is a journey of faith, hope, and love in the midst of loss and despair. Join me on my journey to healing!

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