The Struggle is Real

And it is ALL that I have ever Known…

One day my baby decided she needed a baby. So she wrapped her teddy bear up in a bandana and used her blanket as a makeshift carrier as she made her way through the house!

She then sat down and began to tell me her life plans, which included three children specifically. When I asked, “why 3?” She said “well two is not enough and four is way too many!” I said, in offense, I have four! And You’re one of them!” And she said But mommy, I see the way you struggle and I don’t want that for my kids… fighting back my tears I said Well what do you mean? Explain to me what it means to struggle?” And she did!

She explained that I never have enough time to spend with them and go to work to support them. She explained how I am always tired and constantly too sick to take them anywhere on the weekend. She stated that sometimes I can’t afford the things they need, and how she sees how hard it is for me… Here was my 6 year old, First Grade child reading me like an Open book test that she had all the answers to! When I asked how she knew all these things she replied- “Mommy, I’m apart of you and I know you better than you think I do!”

My God! How blessed am I to have such wise and insightful little ones, but how tragic for them having to experience so much suffering and loss! Yes these experiences will make them all the better in their futures, but what was I doing about their NOW?

In that moment I decided it was time for a change! It was time I humbled myself before God to find the will He has for my life because what I had been doing obviously wasn’t working! I no longer want my children to see me barely surviving, I want my children to see me on the Strive!

Yes this is a daily battle, and I don’t know if I will ever fully arrive, but one thing I know for sure that is is my time to THRIVE!

I’m on a mission to transform minds, bodies , and souls into the Believer’s we are all created and meant to be! Join me on this journey as I transform ideas from Passion2Purpose! Join me with a Heart2Serve! Join me as I #Choose2Believe!

With Love and Blessings,

S. Latimore 💕💕

Published by S. Davenport

My name is Sherraye Davenport, and I welcome you to my site Choose2Believe! I am a 34 year old full-time student and working mother of four. My beautiful girls-Margaret, 13; Gabrielle, 12 ;twins Maliah and Macariah, 9-bring me insurmountable joy. But after one long year of loss-job,divorce, eviction, repossession- I began to lose faith. My story is a journey of faith, hope, and love in the midst of loss and despair. Join me on my journey to healing!

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