Favor IS Fair

Sometimes in life we look on others’ lives and wonder, How did they get there? We make comments on what other people , or we judge how they get there when it’s just not our place. What we don’t understand, is most times that’s just God’s favor over our lives.

Let me share a little of my testimony. From a little girl, I’ve always been witness to the favor of God on my life. I was born as a premature twin into a single parent household. At age 8, I had a severe asthma attack that left me hospitalized; then again at 13, one left me breathless (literally). At 15 I was afforded the opportunity to attend a prestigious college, and 18 admitted to attend there full-time. At 20 years old, I woke up hungry and homeless with a 1 month old baby to feed. At 25 I became a single parent of four little girls, two with special needs.

Through it all, God continued to reign his favor over my life. My health was restored, my $40,000 tuition was paid in full, my children are excelling in school, and now I am working in my dream job- which they (man) told me I was not even qualified for. That’s God favor!

Favor can take you where money or a degree cannot! Favor can grant you grace in what seems like an impossible situation. Favor can bring about blessings you thought you did not deserve, and favor can restore everything you’ve lost and more! God’s favor is unmerited- which means you don’t have to do anything to deserve it. That’s exactly why His favor is fair, and don’t let anyone tell you anything different!

So on today I want you to begin to thank God for his favor, and begin to walk in his grace. If you have not experienced His favor over your life, say this quick- “Lord, show me Your will for my life, teach me how to walk in it, and grant me the favor needed to go through it!” My prayer for you is that begin to know and experience God’s favor over your life, and that you would begin to walk in the way He has made for you. Be blessed!

-S.S. Stalls

Published by S. Davenport

My name is Sherraye Davenport, and I welcome you to my site Choose2Believe! I am a 34 year old full-time student and working mother of four. My beautiful girls-Margaret, 13; Gabrielle, 12 ;twins Maliah and Macariah, 9-bring me insurmountable joy. But after one long year of loss-job,divorce, eviction, repossession- I began to lose faith. My story is a journey of faith, hope, and love in the midst of loss and despair. Join me on my journey to healing!

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